Oasis 1 Pool VillaPrice from: 4,700,000 THB
Oasis 2 Pool VillaPrice from: 5,080,000 THB
Oasis 3 Pool VillaPrice from: 5,800,000 THB
Oasis 4 Pool VillaPrice from: 6,900,000 THB
Mirage Two Story VillaPrice from: 9,600,000 THB
Pool PenthousesPrice from: 2,490,000 THB
Lotus SuitesPrice from: 3,900,000 THB
Crystal View IIa unique residential resort
Lotus Villas and ResortA unique Residential Resort
LocationHua Hin Area
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Easy Finance!

Opportunities with 'Owner Financing'

Due to the economic situation worldwide, we now live in very uncertain times.
As in all financial crises, there are two directions one can take. You may be conservative and choose to sit and wait to purchase your new home or you can choose to be proactive and look for financial solutions.

Easy Finance!

AT Lotus Villas & Residence we have decided to offer financial solutions for our customers.
It has been almost impossible for foreigners to qualify and receive bank loans for their real estate purchases here in the Kingdom of Thailand.
We at Lotus Villas & Residence have come up with a solution to fill this need. We are very actively promoting the concept of Owner Financing to you.

Opportunities with 'Owner Financing':
- A quick and easy way for you to move in to your new home now! No extra Guarantees
- At your negotiated purchase price, you will be able to establish reasonable monthly payments which are within your budget and financial capabilities......with an interest rate that is comparable to current bank standards.
- Competitive interest rates, very reasonable down-payment amounts and payment periods that will make your financing experience comfortable......Easy Finance!

How does 'Owner Financing' work:
With our  Owner Financing there are four critical factors:

  1. Down Payment: 30%
  2. Finish Foundations & pool structure: 20%
  3. Finance 50%
  4. Our Interest Rate, 6%, (Thai bank rates 8,5%)
  5. Period of financing 3- 5 years

The selling price minus the 50% is the amount to be financed.
Please use the following link https://www.sc.com/th/en/borrow/mortgages-tools-calculator.html  which will help you in calculating the monthly payments In Lotus Villas & Residence. Fee is paid by the property owner and our fee is the same as for normal full payment purchase transactions, with absolutely no additional cost to you as the purchaser.
If you have any questions what so ever, please let us know as we will be more then glad to assist you with purchasing your new home or investment property......Today!