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Oasis 3 Pool VillaPrice from: 5,800,000 THB
Oasis 4 Pool VillaPrice from: 6,900,000 THB
Mirage Two Story VillaPrice from: 9,600,000 THB
Pool PenthousesPrice from: 2,490,000 THB
Lotus SuitesPrice from: 3,900,000 THB
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Innovation in Construction

Building Green

Innovation in Construction

SMARTFRAME is the latest innovation of cold formed, light gauge, steel framing technology for modern construction from BlueScope Lysaght, the world leaders in pre-engineered steel structure.
Made from high strength BlueScope’s premium TRUECORE G550 Steel, from design, detailing to manufacturing, SMARTFRAME Pre-Engineered Steel Framing Solution
Is an ideal solution for modern residential and light commercial construction, offering unmatched superior advantages as compared to conventional construction:

More cost competitive as compared to timber frames and conventional reinforced concrete structures
High strength to weight ratio resulting in lighter structures
Uniform quality and dimensional stability
Easy to prefabricate and mass production
Ease and speed of installation
Termite proof
The SMARTFRAME System combines the latest CADD technology, where components are manufactured according to computer detailing process, resulting in a faster and lighter construction. Fabrication and installation are made easy through automation, components are marked for easy identification on site. These fully integrated and computer-aided design and automated manufacturing minimize material waste, making the construction and installation simpler, faster and more efficient, hence overall lower project cost.

Synthetic Resin Roofing Tile (Life span: >50 years)

Innovation in Construction

1.Performance Introduction
Super strong weather fastness and long service life. The surface material select weather fastness ASA resin, which can keep the stability of color and physical performance even though long-term exposure to ultraviolet ray, hot, cold and rainy. The overlong service life eliminates the waste and cost of secondary construction. By the national authoritative organization, artificial aging test 12000 hours, D E = 4.6, equivalent to can use over 38 years under natural environment.

2.Super strong impact resistance, well low temperature resistant effect. The adoption of HTRE composite technology make the nanometer high strength glass fiber composite layer of product can exert strong impact resistance, 4 kg of steel ball free fall at the height of 3m, there are no any crack produced on the surface of the tile, the shock resistance is more than 3 times as the same thickness of synthetic resin tile, the hail with in middle to lower strength can hardly damage to the product.( Note: the thickness of the product are more than 25 mm; Except for severe weather). The product easily pass the low temperature drop hammer experiment and with10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no empty drum, foaming, stripping and crack phenomenon.

3.Excellent anti-loading performance
Synthetic tile has good load resistance, increase the weight of 150 kg in the case of support between 660 mm; Tile surface of tile no cracks and no signs of damage.

The clean engineering of Urban roof is time-consuming, strenuosity and high risk. The surface of resin tile is smooth and compact, which is not easy to absorb dust and with lotus leaves effect. The tile is clean as new after the rain washed, which will not appear stains after fouling by rain wash. Keep the insulation to save energy.

5.Thermal insulation and energy saving
Regardless of the cold winter or hot summer, synthetic resin tile can reduce the bad climate impact outside of the roof, two-way equilibrium temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer and saving energy.

6.Color lasting
The product can be ensured not fade 10 years, if need to change color to match new plan, no need to change, only need to spray color.

7.Excellent decay resistance
Synthetic resin tile with high weatherability resin and the main body of resin have good corrosion resistance, the performance will not slow owing to the erosion of snow and rain, which can long time to defense the erosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances, therefore this product are suitable for salt fog corrosion serious areas and high air pollution areas.

8.Environment protecting
The products are no radiation, no volatile substances after inspected; Production, low-energy during production and installation period, no pollutant emissions; which can be completely recycled use after service life end. Even the harshest environmental requirements of Europe, synthetic resin tile can transcend as well.

Magnesium Oxide Board

Innovation in Construction



Magnesium Oxide Board is:

  • Non-combustible Class A Building Material
  • Breathable and porous for strong coating and adhesive bond
  • For ALL Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Construction
  • Excellent acoustic dampening material with higher density and elasticity
  • Refractory material for infrared radiation (heat) assisting to reduce loss of energy when heating or cooling by reducing conductivity.
  • Non-hazardous, natural, non-toxic and disposable as crushable clean fill.
  • Stronger and more rigid to allow thinner material to do the same job
  • Easier to work with using all types of hand tools and wood working equipment but also can be cut with quick score and snap faster than drywall
MgO Board is virtually impervious to:
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Insects
  • Chemicals
  • MgO boards actively prevent the growth of mold or mildew and are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.?

Innovation in Construction

Powder coated aluminum windows with double glaze

facts about aluminium windows.
The quality of an aluminium window cannot be put aside.

  • Not only is the polyester powder coating guaranteed for 25 years or even forty years with some special guarantees, it is well known that after 10 or 15 years a PVCu window will not look as good as an aluminium one.
  • The quality of the finish is different.
    The environmental credentials of aluminium compared to pvc again cannot be compared. This is a long and separate topic altogether but do the right research and the results will speak for themselves. Aluminium on environmental credentials is superior to PVCu.
  • PVC windows by and large remain only suitable for residential installations. Aluminium doors as one example the fit for purpose product and the preferred choice in commercial installations where the long life, reliability and performance is acknowledged as being superior to that of any PVCu door.

In an Air Conditioner with Inverter Technology:

The inverter technology works like an accelerator in a car. When compressor needs more power, it gives it more power. When it needs less power, it gives less power. With this technology, the compressor is always on, but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor is adjusted appropriately. This technology was developed in Japan and is being used there successfully for air conditioners and refrigerators. This technology is currently available only in split air conditioners.

What is benefit of Inverter Technology?
Innovation in Construction Every air conditioner is designed for a maximum peak load. So a 1.5ton AC is designed for a certain size of room and 1 ton for a different size. But not all rooms are of same size. A regular air conditioner of 1.5ton capacity will always run at peak power requirement when the compressor is running. An air conditioner with inverter technology will run continuously but will draw only that much power that is required to keep the temperature stable at the level desired. So it kind of automatically adjusts its capacity based on the requirement of the room it is cooling. Thus drawing much less power and consuming lesser units of electricity.

Although air conditioner with Inverter Technology adjusts its capacity based on the room requirement, it is very important to install a right sized air conditioner in a room. Please make sure that you evaluate the room and air conditioner capacity before you make a purchase. Keep watching for this space as we are in process of creating a comparator for electricity savings in various air conditioners.


Innovation in Construction

  • LED lights last 40 times longer than traditional light bulbs, and 5 times longer than CFL bulbs. There are no toxic gases to complicate disposal. The longer life means labor cost for replacing bulbs are also reduced
  • LED lights do not generate heat like traditional bulbs, so air conditioning costs are lower also.
    Innovation in Construction

Why solar hot water?
Electricity prices have risen significantly in recent years, and will continue to rise 20-40 per cent over the next few years, so it pays to have the most efficient appliances you can.

Innovation in Construction

And most people don’t realise that heating up water - for bathing, cleaning dishes etc - accounts for up to 30 per cent of the average household ’s total energy consumption.

Solar hot water is the most energy efficient way to provide for your household water heating needs, which saves you money, and helps the environment.

Innovation in Construction

Innovation in Construction

Construction Details Materials

Innovation in Construction Foundations Concrete
Innovation in Construction Ground floor Concrete
Innovation in Construction Pest Control System PVC Pipes
Refuel Access
Innovation in Construction   SMARTFRAME
Innovation in Construction   Synthetic Resin Roofing Tile
(Life span: >50 years)
Innovation in Construction   Magnesium Oxide Board
Innovation in Construction Windows & slide Doors Powder coated aluminum
Double glaze glass
Innovation in Construction Air Conditioner with Inverter Living room 1 x 24,000 BTU
Bedrooms 1 x 12,000 BTU
Innovation in Construction Water heater Solar & Electricity
Innovation in Construction Garden Lights LED Solar with Sensor
Innovation in Construction Indoor Lights LED Down lights
Innovation in Construction Security CCTV 4 camera CCTV system with
mobile app control
Innovation in Construction Swimming Pool Concrete
  • Skimmer type
  • Led Lights 12 watt
  • Salt chlorinate system
  • Cartridge Filter
  • concrete structure
Innovation in Construction Under ground water tank 30,000 liters Concrete


Building Detail Materials
Innovation in Construction 2 phase Electric System  
Innovation in Construction Individual septic Tanks
  • 2 bedroom x 1 septic tank
  • 3 bedroom x 2 septic tank
  • project recycle septic tank
Innovation in Construction Sanitary European standards
  • WC one peace floor mounding
  • Sink & top counter
  • shower class
  • Cabinet & artificial stone counter
Innovation in Construction Kitchen Lesso
  • Upper and down Cabinets
  • artificial stone counter with sink
  • stove / hood / oven
Innovation in Construction Bedroom
  • King size bed / mattress
  • Two night stands
  • Closet
  • ?5 draw cabinet
Innovation in Construction Living room
  • Sofa 2 seated + love chair
  • TV stand / coffee table
  • Dining table + 6 chairs
Innovation in Construction Outdoor
  • Sofa + love chair
  • Dining table + 6 Chairs
  • Coffee Table


Building Detail Materials & Furniture
Innovation in Construction Tiles
Terrace/ sala / pool
60 x 60 non slippery
Innovation in Construction Tiles
Living room / bathroom
Living Room
60 x 60 glossy white
60 x 60 white and gray
Innovation in Construction Tiles
Grey white wooden style tiles
Innovation in Construction Fence & Gate Concrete & Sera Wood
2m high solid wall
Innovation in Construction Doors Construction:
Solid wood style. The core is flat panel
with wood veneer finish
Innovation in Construction Garden Foxtail trees 3-4 meters high
Grass type: Nuan Noi
  Pool tiles 10 x 10 light blue